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Who Are We?
Plus Localization, formed by experienced people of Turkish translation sector in May 2019, is a team that translates the video games meticulously and affectionately, which Turkish gamers desire to play.
We have a lot of mission ideas in our minds, however, our most important mission is to localize maximum amount of games in sufficient time to get a better grasp of any game. And also, we want to make video games more understandable for Turkish people. For this reason, to reach more Turkish player in a short time, we are always looking for new teammates. If you are interesting in translation the video games or you have a video game to be translate, you can contact us any time via our mail.

Our Team
Some of our team members got a college education about English and they have been endeavouring with Turkish game translation since 2013. They have taken role in many other localization projects in the past.
We approach translating as if we're painters and games are our canvas. We paint it different color but the gist stays all the same. During translation work, we act as if we're a hidden eye, experiencing every occurances throughout the game and translate accordingly. Critical thinking, also, plays a huge role our localization projects, that's why we always think out of the box.

Sneak Peek to Turkish Gaming Community
There's over 83M people in Turkey and over 36M gamers according to the gaming report in 2020. National games industry hit $1 billion in exports. Turkish players generated $880 million revenue in 2018. This makes it 18th most lucrative games market in the world. In addition, the gaming market in Turkey is estimated to have reached $750 million in size. We, as Turkish gamers, are more tended to choose console and PC games rather than mobile games. Therefore, localization to Turkish requires human input and QA due to numerous suffixes as strings with placeholders should be completely paraphrased. In Turkey, around %80 of the people don't use other languages than Turkish. Therefore, localization of games plays a huge role.

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Are you interested in one of our services or do you have a question on your mind? Then please reach us by mail or join our Discord channel! We'll be waiting for your message!

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