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Greetings! We are Plus Localization, formed by experienced people of Turkish translation sector in May 2019. We are a team that translates the video games meticulously and affectionately, which Turkish gamers desire to play.

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Video Game Text Localization

You're game developer? Cool, want your game to reach wider audience? You can contact us for Turkish localization. Please reach us via mail.

Video Game Quality Control

We believe that what makes the localization high-grade is quality control.

Website Localization

Our team offer the localization service of website. Please reach us via mail.

Video Localization

Our team offer the localization service of your own-made videos. Reach us via mail or our Discord channel.

Our Portfolio

Medieval Dynasty by Render Cube


Dark Fracture Prologue by Twisted II Studio

Imagine Earth by Serious Brothers

Pumpkin Jack by Nicolas Meyssonnier

Whiskey.Mafia. Leo's Family by FastGame

Autonauts by Denki

Daymare 1998 by Invader Studious

Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask by Red Martyr Entertainment

Cloudpunk by ION LANDS

Eco by Strange Loop Games

Die Young by IndieGala



A remarkable number of people are interested in video games in Turkey.


To reports, national gaming industry hit 1$ Billion in export.


Turkish players paid $855 million for gaming in total last year.


Thanks to gamers and developers, Turkish gaming market is the 18th lucrative gaming market in the world.

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Are you interested in one of our services or do you have a question on your mind? Then please reach us by mail or join our Discord channel! We'll be waiting for your message!

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